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Minimizing the risks of an explosion can be addressed in various ways. In accordance with the legal standards dealing with occupational health and safety, prevention is one of the most important.

The term explosive atmosphere is defined by the notion of explosive atmosphere. Explosive environment means a working environment in which an explosive atmosphere can be expected that could potentially jeopardize the safety and health of workers due to possible local or operational conditions.

Aretech Slovakia offers services in the area of complete maintenance, service and care of equipment in ATEX, explosive environment.

We work with leading manufacturers of explosion-proof equipment, devices and components to determine the trend in this respect.

Aretech Slovakia offers you the following services:

Complete service   HVAC

Full service facilities in
  ATEX explosive atmosphere

Complete grinding cab service (Zone 20, 21, 22)

Cleaning of grinding cabins and vacuuming in ATEX environment

Heat Exchanger Parts & Repair (Api Schmidt)

Delivery services
  Advisory services

Aretech Slovakia also offers everything in ATEX version

  • ATEX engines
  • ATEX fan ATEX accessories
  • ATEX filtration technique
  • ATEX local hoods
  • ATEX safety dampers
  • ATEX needs for low pressure
  • ATEX needs for high pressure
  • ATEX fire extinguishers and accessories

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